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Technology Center Operations
Technology Center Operations

What Do We Do?

Atak Technology Center is based at Atak Mineral Oil and Grease Production Facility located in Izmir. At this mineral oil, fuel oil, and grease laboratories, which are equipped with devices with superior technological features; R&D and Quality Control activities are carried out by a specialized and experienced staff.

Atak Technology Center Laboratories, which follow the mineral oil, grease and antifreeze production processes carried out in its production facility from the raw material acceptance to completion of the product filling in addition to used oil and fuel oil analyses; support us in producing world class products as an element of applying quality control system applied at every stage. In the light of development of the products in the current product range as well as the technological innovations, also R&D activities regarding the new products are carried out in our Atak Technology Center Laboratories.
•    Fuel oil analyzes
•    Mineral oil analyzes
•    Grease analyzes
•    Fuel oil, Mineral oil, grease and antifreeze R & D activities
•    Production stage-based quality control processes
•    Customer service analysis
•    Foreign customer analysis services under the authorization of Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK).
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Proved Accuracy and Reliability

The accuracy and validity of all the analyses performed at Atak Technology Center have been proven both by ASTM Crosscheck comparisons and by TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation certificate granted by Turkish Accreditation Agency as a result of Turkish Accreditation Agency inspections. Additionally, Atak Technology Center continues its activities also in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 29001 standards. Being one of the limited organizations accredited in mineral oil, grease and fuel oil analyses and able to perform 77 different testing methods since 2009, Atak Technology Center continues to rapidly to adopt all the developments occurring in the world and to direct the sector with its proven expertise.


The Tests We Conduct

Please click to see the analyses performed at Atak Technology Center.


1. Mineral Oil Laboratory

It aims to ensure that production quality control processes are in accordance with international and national quality control processes. The results of the tests conducted by a specialized and experienced laboratory team are examined in depth. Mineral Oil and Antifreeze analyses can be carried out within a specific scope.

2. Grease Analysis Laboratory

It is the unit, where comprehensive grease tests can be conducted. All quality processes are followed from grease production phase to filling phase.

3. R&D Laboratory

It is the unit that closely follows the technological developments and develops all the products in scope in accordance with the demands and standards. With its specialized and experienced staff, extensive testing method coverage and devices and equipments, detailed tests can be conducted.



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