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Technical Services
Technical Services

As Atak Madeni Yag, we are beside you in every application you need, with the skills we have developed as well as the knowledge and experience we have gained in the mineral oil sector for more than 10 years. With the lubrication solutions specially developed for your processes, vehicles and equipments as well as our after-sales technical services; we help you to prevent the problems that may arise during use and lubricating applications.

•    Company-Specific Technical Consultancy

We examine the machines and equipments at your company as well as the products in use, take also equipment manufacturers’ recommendations into consideration and accordingly give advice on process-based appropriate grease and mineral oil choices. Additionally, we also provide technical consulting regarding correct lubrication usage and applications.

•    Technical Training Program

Technical training support is provided by our specialist team in response to general and specific questions about lubrication and oils, best use of the products and storage of them under proper conditions, importance of oils in terms of occupational health and environmental protection or lubricating-related matters upon your request. Our technical training program, which is prepared by our engineers and chemists, enhances the competence of the technical staff who perform oil applications in your company. The right choice of oil for proper application broadens the viewpoint of the technical staff in matters such as oil production technologies, interpretation of product data and safety sheets, and enables them use the information more effectively and thus increases their productivity.

•    Process-Specific Product Design

The processes carried out in your production facility are examined and special product development works intended for your equipments is carried out at Atak Technology Center R & D Laboratories. The features of such specially designed products meet your needs, decrease your oil consumption amount, thus reduce your maintenance costs and spare part consumption.

•    Technical Service

Samples of mineral oils used in your processes can be taken and equipments can be controlled on regular basis. After the analysis of the oils samples is completed at our accredited laboratory, which is sufficiently equipped to perform 77 different types of testing methods; information on how much the oil used is able to maintain their properties in the system, state of corrosion as well as the amount of pollution and water in the system can be obtained. In the light of these information; it can be determined whether the system operates safely or not and potential problems can be prevented in advance with a proactive approach.

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