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Altınbaş Holding
Altınbaş Holding

The foundations of Altınbaş Holding, one of Turkey's leading institutions, were laid by Mehmet Altınbaş in Gaziantep in the 1950s. Mehmet Altınbaş, who started his business life with pistachio wholesale in Gaziantep and later started to plant pistachio trees, learned the subtleties of goldsmithing in the following years and made the first breakthrough of Altınbaş, which is a world brand today.

Altınbaş brand is a brand that directs the jewelery industry and is one of the top brands in the international platform with its brand awareness. Altınbaş group, which has been awarded many times as Turkey's most reliable brand, continues to grow in different sectors. Altınbaş Holding, which contributes to the Turkish economy and creates employment in every sector it enters, achieves significant success with its brands in the fields of energy, finance, jewellery, logistics and education.

Altınbaş holding companies work with the goal of being a leader in the sectors and countries in which they operate. It exports directly to 35 countries and indirectly to 80 countries. It creates employment in Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, USA and Ukraine. It adds value to the country's economy with its asset size exceeding 7 billion dollars and more than 5000 employees.

Altınbaş Holding, which continues on its way with the mission of creating efficient companies in the national and international fields by developing innovative applications in the fields in which they operate, using technology at the highest level, and giving direction to the Turkish economy, continues to grow with its brands.

The aim of Altınbaş Holding, which sets out to make a difference without giving up its values, is to make investments with high added value and to become a leader in every sector it enters.

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